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Checking on lie detector

Checking employees on polygraph - lie detector is one of the most popular services provided by private detective agencies in St. Petersburg.

How it works?

The polygraph is a technical device used in instrumental studies of the psychophysiological reactions of the subject. Evaluating and analyzing the information obtained during the research, a professional polygraph examiner can accurately assess the reliability and truthfulness of the answers of the person being checked. Conclusions are made on the basis of indicators of the sensors of respiration, cardiovascular activity, sweating, galvanic skin resistance, tremor and other indicators. The results of the research are always as objective as possible, and the probability of their distortion is practically reduced to zero.

Why you need this?

Checking staff on a polygraph is effective when:

- screening and firing staff;
- making decisions on the transfer of employees to more responsible posts;
- conducting independent investigations of frauds or embezzlement;
- detection of channels of leakage of commercial information.
Experts in the field of lie detection in St. Petersburg with the help of this technology help to deal with business problems, carry out research in criminal proceedings, and sometimes solve family problems.


It will works for sure?

Before ordering a personnel verification service on a lie detector in a detective agency, it is necessary to inquire about the qualifications of the expert polygraph examiner. The accuracy of the results of the study will largely depend on the literacy of the control questions in the test, the observance of the research methodology, and the correct interpretation of the statistics of reactions obtained. Working with a professional, you probably get a reliable conclusion on the results of testing, and therefore, be able to properly manage the internal risks of the enterprise and create a quality team.