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Address: Russia, St. Petersburg, Artilleriskaya str., 1 off.230

Order of work

1. Address to Agency

Contacting us by phone, email or by form right on the site (use widget on every page);


2. Get FREE consultation

Offering you the decision - how to solve the problem (not detailed description). Determination of prices and periods of work.


3. Prepayment and conclusion of contract

We need prepayment (usually 50% of approximate price) and all terms of your task will be in contract. To be sure that everyone understand eveything and agree with it. 


4. Providing services

We conduct all actions which needed to solve your question. How we do something - it's our secret. All you get - is result of case, information. Client may advice how we must fix his problem but final decision we make by ourselves.


5. Client get final report and pay final invoice

Attention! Price for service may be changed because of some reasons. Everything we'll discuss with client and he can reject this. Of course client must understand that we can't proceed without neccesary payment.