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Services of private detective - investigation agency "Eagle Sight" St. Petersburg

Person search from 5000 rub.
Identification of adultery  after discussion
Surveillance from 1000 rub. per hour
Checking current staff after discussion
Countersurveillance from 10000 rub.
Checking candidates for work after discussion
Information checking and gathering from 1000 rub.
Checking on lie detector after discussion

Activity of private detective agencies regulated as usual entrepreneur activity and also as actions of supporting law and maintaining law and order. That's why investigators always under special requirements.

Whom to trust?

Professional employees of detective agencies in St. Petersburg, who has the necessary personal qualities, today successfully solve any issues falling within their competence. Among the inquiries addressed by clients to detectives, the most popular is collection of information about individuals and organizations, the problems of marriage and family relations, as well as the need for private investigations.

How will they help you?

The short list of services of the St. Petersburg detective agency always includes people searching (debtors, witnesses of incidents, missing persons), collecting information about a potential spouse to avoid marriage frauds, revealing the facts of adultery, checking the lifestyle of a teenager, verification of employees and business partners, protection against unfair competition and information leakage and many other highly specialized services.

How much is that?

The price of a private detective's work is depends on the type of service and the way to solve the client's problem. The more information the client provides, more can help the investigators, the quicker success will be, it means that price of detective work will be lower. Nevertheless, when choosing those who can be entrusted with the solution of any delicate and complex issues, it is necessary to pay attention not only to prices, but also to factors such as:

- the effectiveness of agency methods;
- guarantees of full confidentiality;
- adequacy of the scheme for solving the problem and its cost;
- the quality of technical support of detective's work;
- experience, knowledge, status, reputation.

A professional agency with a good reputation will never fail!