Bitcoin and Blockchain projects

Crypto consulting in Bitcoin and Blockchain projects

Increase in popularity of blockchain industry, exposes various uses of cryptocurrency. On-line trading platforms are growing in scalability, as well as implementation of financial transactions that are gaining their way of use in simplicity, majority of which involve Smart contracts. Therefore considering these aspects the demand for Bitcoin and Blockchain services are rising.

We provide consulting services, inquiries that you have are personalized specifically, and risks that may occur are outlined and minimized by means. Recommendations, considering strategy of your investment in cryptocurrency on trading platforms are also included.

Main advantage of tokens today revolves in exclusion of middlemen, when buying and selling, resulting in decrease of expenses and also meaning that trading can be concluded at any desired time.

We provide:

  • Preparation and accompaniment in ICO/STO, this process consists of initial allocation of token bonds which in essence very much resemble the traditional emission of shares on the stock market.
  • Providing security in risk matters of cryptocurrency transactions
  • Support in trading processes
  • Consultation in inquiries considering legal aspects in blockchain, cryptocurrency and Smart contracts
  • Development of bots and message distribution