Rules of Private Investigators in Russia and CIS countries

To protect clients interests, be honest and provide professional services, detectives in Russia and Ukraine, other CIS countries, created “Rules of Private detective (investigator)”. Because of these rules detectives don’t have problems with law or customers. You can see a few terms, which we use in our work. Everytime, in every case, in all investigation […]

Private Investigators Can Catch a Cheating Spouse

Just ask anyone who has been there. Mixed emotions play havoc with your head. On the other hand, you may be absolutely 100% sure of their guilt, but may require proof for the divorce court. History suggests that the hardest part of suspecting you are the victim of infidelity is the not knowing. A lot […]

How to Find a Detective For Matrimonial Investigation

Many people tend to have lots of apprehensions before taking the plunge into this gamble. Pre-Marriage Investigation In the view of increasing deceits and fraudulent practices, many people are resorting to conduct a private investigation on their “would be” spouse in order to be sure of the credibility of the person they are about to […]

Helpful Guidelines For Dating Russian Girls Online

This has caused a rise in Russian dating scams targeting men (and women) from the west, particularly the US. On the contrary, the vast majority of are of honest and sincere intentions. The typical Russian dating scam story starts with the victim receiving a response to his personal ad. But most of the time the […]