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Often, the function of checking job applicants for vacant positions is assigned to the personnel department. However, if it is assumed that the person for important vacancy will have access to the owner’s personal information and commercial secrets, routine inspection of personnel (even specialized recruitment agencies) may not be enough. For example, candidates “from competitors” can be perfectly prepared for inspections of any kind. Therefore, it is better to turn to professionals who will be able to fully test each of the candidates.

Think about all factors and risks

Only professional methods of assessing applicants allow a comprehensive approach to resolving the issues of recruitment, weed out unwanted candidates and thereby protect the business from the possible influences of competitors. Specialists of private detective agencies of St. Petersburg will accurately assess the negative factors associated with the possible activities of rivals, the risks of leakage of confidential information, financial losses, the potential impact on business activity.

Verification of employees in hiring will include not only a superficial acquaintance with the data provided by them, but also the identification of:
– the facts of using false documents, including diplomas and characteristics;
– negative aspects of the nature of the applicant, undesirable inclinations, addictions;
– characteristics from places of study and previous places of employment;
– the existence of financial problems;
– the presence of undesirable links;
– real level of professional training and skills.


SEARCH of Missing Persons

The search can be different, as friends and relatives, as well as debtors and "enemies" from the past or present. At the dawn of the practice there was such a story - we were looking for wife, Russian citizen, who escaped from her "tyrant husband" back to Russia from China. The client, of course, gave us all of her addresses and friends, relatives, and was very eager to find her, as she had taken two very young children with her. The search was difficult - the relatives were very aggressive and we immediately realized that it was impossible to find the fugitive in light variant - perhaps (most probably) the client himself called and threatened which made the wanted mother and sister literally walk backwards and any attempts at surveillance were stopped within an hour. Within a month, all possible addresses were checked and a lot of hours of observation were spent. However, there was no result. Let's not go into details - in the vast expanses of the Internet was found an ad, which filed itself wanted about the purchase of special equipment (under someone else's name, but it does not matter). And even given a mobile number. Naturally, our agent immediately called and made a favorable offer, which was discussed right in her rented apartment (the woman was uncomfortable to go to a meeting with two children - we understood the situation). The search was completed, but for the client it did not end with anything, as he needed only children. And the order to take them secretly to China was, of course,left without consideration.

Rely on the professionals

Also in the St. Petersburg detective agencies use the screening technique. This technology involves the polygraph, (or a lie detector) and with a competent operator, it is possible to effectively check the staff for efficiency and dedication.

Employees of the agency will help organize periodic checks, adding  the service of electronic card index. Also any client  can order a one-time check of the candidate for employment or an active employee.

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I’ve been searching for my mom for years and when I came across this agency I decided to shoot them a message to see if they were willing to help me ! They answered right away and we’re willing to take on the task to find my parents , not only were they fast at responding given that the time differences are different but they also worked so hard to find information ! I finally got my answers that I was looking for and would recommend this agency for people who wanna find their families !
Thank you guys for all you guys did for me and for bringing families back together with their loved ones !

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