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“Mystery Shopper” is a rather popular service around the world provided by private investigators. It may concern as verification of the work of your own call center (following the established sales scripts by employees), your shops work process (checks providing, polite managers service), as an actions to verify the business of a competitor. What is competitor advantage, what sales technologies, equipment are used in the work, how his managers talk to the potential client.

This section also includes control purchases (trademark investigations) in companies conducting unfair competition, selling goods under your trademark, name. With the help of detectives it is possible to carry out such purchase with video and photo recording and provision of materials to the appropriate authorities. Also you can check the market to find out if there such competitors exists, their shops and network. We have cooperated on these issues with such firms as: “HP”, Epson, BMW, MACROFLEX and others.

In general, the service “mystery shopper” – it is necessary for any businessman as an element of intelligence and counterintelligence – you will know the real situation and respond accordingly – adjust the work of employees, buy equipment better than a competitor, implement innovations in sales and so on.

SEARCH of Missing Persons

The search can be different, as friends and relatives, as well as debtors and "enemies" from the past or present. At the dawn of the practice there was such a story - we were looking for wife, Russian citizen, who escaped from her "tyrant husband" back to Russia from China. The client, of course, gave us all of her addresses and friends, relatives, and was very eager to find her, as she had taken two very young children with her. The search was difficult - the relatives were very aggressive and we immediately realized that it was impossible to find the fugitive in light variant - perhaps (most probably) the client himself called and threatened which made the wanted mother and sister literally walk backwards and any attempts at surveillance were stopped within an hour. Within a month, all possible addresses were checked and a lot of hours of observation were spent. However, there was no result. Let's not go into details - in the vast expanses of the Internet was found an ad, which filed itself wanted about the purchase of special equipment (under someone else's name, but it does not matter). And even given a mobile number. Naturally, our agent immediately called and made a favorable offer, which was discussed right in her rented apartment (the woman was uncomfortable to go to a meeting with two children - we understood the situation). The search was completed, but for the client it did not end with anything, as he needed only children. And the order to take them secretly to China was, of course,left without consideration.

License is required

Applying to our agency “Eagle’s Sight”, you can be sure that the official cooperation, with the prospect of working in court against an unscrupulous competitor – possible. Contract, license, report, will be provided, as well as the entire invoice – the purchased goods, video and photo, audio materials from the action.

Works under legal license

Price for action starts from $150

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They found my Mom. Tina. USA

I’ve been searching for my mom for years and when I came across this agency I decided to shoot them a message to see if they were willing to help me ! They answered right away and we’re willing to take on the task to find my parents , not only were they fast at responding given that the time differences are different but they also worked so hard to find information ! I finally got my answers that I was looking for and would recommend this agency for people who wanna find their families !
Thank you guys for all you guys did for me and for bringing families back together with their loved ones !

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Great website, let I grew a lot of experience, widen our sight.


Super informatvie writing; keep it up.


I express my gratitude to detectives, I suspected my husband, that he is cheating on me, since he began to disappear at work, returned home late, became irritable, hid the phone. The detective investigated that  husband has really complex project at work. I keeping an eye on him for several weeks. Now it’s easier to talk and live with my husband. Thanks to professionals!


like this website, because he let me learn a lot of things.


Finindg this Agency, solves a problem for me. Thanks!

Warren Levicoff-International Detective Services Ltd.

My client and I are very happy with the quality of the job that yu did for us in Kazakhstan recently. Thank you for your help. Warren Harris Levicoff - INTERNATIONAL DETECTIVE SERVICES LTD. - C/O Hideaway Hills Club-#22 HAH Lane, Rt 1, Box 18, Hideaway Hills OH 43107 USA USA Tel: +1 740 569 7444, F: +1 215 701 0799, 24/7 Emergency & Text (SMS): +1 215 990 4466 E-Mail: or GMT-5


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