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Сбор информации за 1 сутки! Лицензия детектива Работаем с 2006 года Конфиденциальность обращения клиента Услуги по всему миру 1 день на сбор информации о человеке или фирме Лицензия №040 МВД по РФ



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Detective agency in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We'll solve your problem.

  • Professional. In our staff we have specialists from police and special services with more than 10 years work experience.  We can take cases from debtors and missing person searching to family problems. Provide business and personal security,  will solve private and business questions. Agency use for it only best connections in law enforcement agencies, special devices and own experience. 
  • Effectively. Please address to private investigator in St. Petersburg to find person or his property in any country. Agency is a member of World Association of Detectives - so, our partners all around the world, we can conduct investigations in Russia and abroad. After finishing your case - we give full report with photo and video evidences. 
  • Confidentially. Details which we find out - are property of client. We won't disclosure your information and delete all content in paper or computer formats after receiving our fee. All facts that you adressed to Agency and your private details we'll keep in secret too.  
  • Legally. We conduct our business with license for private detective activity and trying to use only legal methods of investigation. Giving to you only reliable information which you can use in court.  
  • Fast. We work very fast - from 1 day to collect information about company or individual. It's all because our agents network and effective data sources in Russia and abroad (sometimes for one question we have few sources for quick replacement in case of problem). 

«Eagle Sight» – detective Agency in St. Petersburg where you'll find help 

Solve problem which police can't take

You need private investigator in St. Petersburg?
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Детективное агентство "Орлиный взор" Санкт-Петербург, Чкаловский проспект, 15/29 - оф.418, тел. +7-(812)-389-56-07

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