Rules of Private Investigators in Russia and CIS countries

To protect clients interests, be honest and provide professional services, detectives in Russia and Ukraine, other CIS countries, created “Rules of Private detective (investigator)”. Because of these rules detectives don’t have problems with law or customers.

You can see a few terms, which we use in our work. Everytime, in every case, in all investigation actions. Many detectives and detective agencies already know these Rules and working in accordance with them.

These rules are very simple:

1. We don’t work with energy vampires, bad neighbours, we don’t looking for lost pets.

2. We don’t assosiated with witches, wizards, hyromants, astrologysts and fortune-tellers.

3. We don’t steal into houses and flats, can’t get your money back from debitors and don’t return your stolen car for ransom.

4. We don’t listen telephone conversations, can’t sale any “bugs”, surveillance equipment or cell phone calls list.

5. We don’t mislead our client about Agency abilities in his case and don’t falsify its results.

6. We can’t work without advance payment, because we have expenses during your case. We ignore rule “payment only for result”.

7. We don’t work with clients, which have no explainable purposes or have suspicious purposes.

8. We can’t work with clients which leave no contacts for connection.

9. We don’t give any information about your case and our work to somebody else.

10. We don’t do any work after other investigators and detective agencies.

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